Driven (The Driven Trilogy #1), by K. Bromberg – DNF

Marked as DNF at 32%.


Just too many things went wrong for me with this one. Such a shame, as I was so damn excited to read this book and started it right now because I felt like I needed a sure thing, that I could almost guarantee I’d love.

However, the all too frequent and cringe-worthy grammatical errors, the cheesy dialogue, the unbelievable (not in a good way) storyline, the ridiculous first encounter, the whole sentences randomly in italics, the fact that both the hero and the heroine pissed me off, the creepy innuendos and the fact that it felt like the entire romance industry had thrown up on these pages, cramming every romance cliché in existence into the story, just made it impossible for me to connect with this book in any way.

The fact I only got through 30% of this book, in two days, speaks volumes. I just found it a struggle and kept putting it down. I was reading on the train and I mindlessly read two whole pages before I realised I hadn’t taken in a word that I’d read and was listening to the conversation between a mother and daughter in the seat next to me, instead.

The heroine really irritated me. I don’t know who I disliked more, him or her. First she was Miss Prim and Proper, then seconds later they were making out, then she was pulling away, then he was virtually sexually harassing her, then she was angry, then he was stalking her, then he stalked her some more at work and then because of one little thing she was all googly eyed over him… WTF?! *head spin*

The ghastly innuendos made me gag…

“Hell hasn’t frozen over yet. I’ll let you know when it does.”
He takes a step closer to me, his voice just above a whisper, “It seems you know all about being cold, Rylee. Why stay frigid when you know I can heat you up?”

And I’m the first to admit to loving a confident, alpha male… but there is a line and for me, Colton leapt over the confident line into unattractive arrogance.

“Just know, Rylee, the best sex you will ever have… will be with me.”

“I told you you wouldn’t be able to resist me.”

And then there were things that just didn’t make any sense and felt poorly planned and thought out. For example, Colton is a celebrity racing driver. But Rylee didn’t know who he was at first. She didn’t recognise him even after she’d snogged his face off at her work function. Yet then the author writes things like this…

“And how would you know what I always have on my arm?”
How do I know that? Do I admit to him I occasionally glance through Haddie’s subscription of People and roll my eyes at the ridiculous commentary? Do I confess that peruse as a distraction when I’m in the office sometimes.

So she reads enough gossip rags to know about the women Colton has on his arm, but she doesn’t know what he looks like?? It’s a small error but it’s just one example of how things didn’t fit into place.

I felt like I was reading a totally different book to the Driven everybody recommended to me and raved about. I really wanted to fall in love with Colton Donavon. But sadly, I just didn’t.

I hate it so much when that happens. 😥

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6 Responses to Driven (The Driven Trilogy #1), by K. Bromberg – DNF

  1. My sentiments exactly lol, quite frankly the heroine’s lack of self confidence grated on my nerves! This whole book was ridiculous!

  2. OMG! high 5 for that review. i read it last week and been wondering if i should give the book away. i dont even want to write a review for it. i ended the book around 80% because UNDERESTIMATED by Jettie Woodruff sounded alot better. and….it is WAY better.

  3. Sandra says:

    How refreshing to see a review such as this! I was beginning to think book bloggers only read/had access to 5* books.
    One more reason to read your blog.. you’re honest..

  4. Michelle says:

    I thought I was the only who thought “WTF is wrong this book?! Where are all the ‘great’ parts everyone keeps talking about?!” I got a little further than you did – around 50%- before throwing in the towel on it. Entirely too many errors and inconsistent character development for me.

    Kudos on an unbiased review.

  5. Kazia says:

    Hi Smitten, I love your blog and I really appreciate your honesty! keep doing so.
    Actually I did like the book I read both and waiting for the 3rth, maybe because I was not expecting anything.
    Thank you very much for a great Blog

  6. stacysreads says:

    I stumbled on your site because I’m trying to start my own book blog and I’m looking around at other blogs to see how much of the plot is given away (I’m honestly not trying to pass your work off as mine) and K. Bromberg are one of my favorite authors so I looked to see if you had written about any of her books. I like how honest you are. As readers of books we aren’t always going to like or even love a book, even books who others absolutely love and rave about. I have been afraid to write a bad review, instead I just rated the book and moved on. Reading this blog post has given me confidence to share my personal thoughts, whether good or bad, about the book. You did it tastefully and it hasn’t changed my feelings towards the book. I just wanted to say thank you for being honest.

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