Zane (Alluring Indulgence #2), by Nicole Edwards ★★★★


Vanessa Carmichael will never forget that horrible day for as long as she lives. With Zane fully on the mend from the brutal attack he suffered right in her very own yard, she knows she should be grateful, which she is. She also knows that walking away from Zane might be the only way to keep him safe. Despite her denial, V knows she can’t trust her own heart, especially when it comes to the youngest Walker brother, but he’s not the kind of man who will walk away when there is something he wants. He wants her even if it isn’t safe for him, and she’s not sure she is strong enough to walk away.

Zane Walker might have been brutally attacked and after months in the hospital, walked away with his life spared, but now that he’s out of the hospital, he has only one goal in mind. Getting the girl. From the first time he kissed her, Zane knew V was the one for him. He also knew that getting her wasn’t going to be as easy as he hoped. She’s stubborn and the walls she has erected around her heart are nearly impenetrable. However, there’s one thing about Zane – he never gives up. And he’s not about to start now. 

Can V learn to open her heart to the one man who is desperate to get past those walls she has erected, or will she walk away to protect him? How long will Zane allow her to deny what he knows is growing between them? Or is the only option to obscure the underlying emotions with spine tingling lust? 

When V and Zane come together, smoke detectors go on the fritz, but when they bring Zane’s best friend Beau into the mix, extra fire extinguishers are needed. 

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: m/f, m/m, m/f/m, m/m/f encounters, anal sex, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

My casting

This series is getting and steamier crazier by the second!


Ok, so I’m all for experimentation between characters, threesomes, mixing it up, etc… but with lot it just seems pretty much any hole’s a goal! Lol! They’re sticking it everywhere and anywhere… cowboys turning bi-sexual every which way, women regularly acting as the filling in all kinds of delicious mandwiches, everyone shoving everyone up against walls, strange sexual tension between him and him and her and him… it made my head spin!


 “You’re looking forward to being the cream filling in that little sandwich, aren’t you?”

But I have to admit *blushes* I did kinda love it!


 “I don’t want you thinking about anything else except what it’s going to feel like to have me buried deep inside of you. I want you visualizing what it’ll be like to have both of us fucking you until you can’t take any more. Understand me?”

Oh, well if you insist!

There is one thing I am sorely disappointed about with this book. I think the author missed two tricks for incredibly hot, heavy scenes with Zane. Firstly, the sex club… I’m pretty sure we could have had a super steamy scene with Zane and V when they visited Club Destiny.
Secondly… the stripper scene in Vegas. The author writes that Zoey kisses another girl and teases both Kaleb and Gage… whaaaat? I wanna read that scene, not hear about it second hand!!! So, I had a little internal tantrum about that.

However, that is definitely not to say that this book is lacking on the hot and heavy front. Ooooh no! This is just as steamy as Kaleb, perhaps a little more so. The M/F/M scenes in this book take it to another level. We get a little M/M action too. *fans self*

 There was something to be said about seeing two men together. Especially these two alphas. Big, strong, handsome, intensely masculine men in the throes of passion were titillating.

The plot was a game of two halves for me. The first half of the book I found myself skimming some parts. It really felt like just nothing was happening. But the second half picked up nicely and I felt it began to flow a bit better. More happened, the pace sped up, etc. etc. And I liked the way things played out with V and Zane toward the end of the book, too.

 Each minute that passed, the fissures he’d made in those invisible walls she’d erected so long ago continues to get bigger while the little cracks in her heart continued to get smaller.

I have to say I’m getting a little fed up of these I-can’t-have-a-relationship-with-himheroines. V was very similar to Zoey in that way. Seriously? Ok, so you’ve got some issues, but he’s hot, he’s sweet, he loves you, you love him, he protects you from the baddies, he gives you regular mind-blowing orgasms anyway… woman the fuck up, lady!!

 “He loves you, V. I’ve never seen him love someone that way before.”

As was Kaleb, Zane is a prime hunk of man meat! He’s the youngest of the seven Walker brothers, but he’s no less delicious! And again, same as Kaleb, he’s muscled, controlling, determined, sweet, gorgeous, you get the idea. And where the hell do these guys come from because yet again, we have another scorchin’ hot best friend who likes to get involved in all the three-way lovin’. Is this a Texan thing?? Or a cowboy thing? Because if it is, just say the word. My bags will be packed and I’ll be on a flight over quicker than you can say ‘two step’!

 For some reason, when Zane was close, her clothes just seemed to fall off.

So yeh, once again, nothing monumental plot wise, nothing heart wrenching, nothing profound, although I did find the angst and plot line to be a little more substantial than in the first book. But overall this is just good, hard-core, panty-combusting, book whore lovin’ smut! If you want to just switch off and curl up with a book that needs very little brain power but that will make you all hot and bothered, these books are great!

 “I want to hear you scream. I want your neighbour’s to know who is fucking you, V. Scream for me, baby.”

And again, same as the first book, Zane and V’s story is all wrapped in their own happy ending, yet the epilogue leaves you with a cliffhanger eluding to the plot of the next book. Nicely done, Ms. Edwards!

Have you read it? Comment below and tell us what you thought?


‘Zane’ Statistics
• Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥♥
• Ending: Happy ending w/ lead into next book
• Length: 453 pages
• POV: Multiple POVs. Mostly Zane and V.
• Narrative: Third person. Past tense.
• Series: Yes
• Reading Order:
– Book #1 – Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence #1) 
– Book #2 – Zane (Alluring Indulgence #2) 
– Book #3 – Travis (Alluring Indulgence #3) 
– Book #3.5 – Holidays with the Walker Brothers (Alluring Indulgence, #3.5) 
– Book #4 – Ethan (Alluring Indulgence, #4) 
– Book #5 – Braydon (Alluring Indulgence, #5) 
– Book #6 – Sawyer (Alluring Indulgence, #6) 
– Book #7 – Brendon (Alluring Indulgence, #7) 
• Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
• WARNING. This book includes…
Graphic sexual content. M/F/M, M/M & M/M/F
• Writing: Good.

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