Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness #2), by Claire Contreras ✰✰✰✰✰


Is love ever enough?

Faced with obstacles she could have never imagined, Blake is brought to darkness and back by forces in her past she never knew existed.

Desperate to stay connected to the only thing he loves, Cole is forced to revisit his past and align himself with the people who knew about Blake’s disappearance.

Separation has forced both Blake and Cole to learn how to live under the worst circumstances, each of them alone in their own hell.

When they reunite, can they be the same two people they were before darkness swept upon them?

Told in separate points of view, Darkness Before Dawn is the continuation of Blake and Cole’s fight to make it to the light.

My Casting

  • Blake
  • Cole


Fantastic book with a bit of everything! But talk about brain fry!

5 stars for Blake and Cole!


“I loved you then, I love you now, and I’ll love you always. You’ve always been it for me, Blake.”

This book is mad. Totally mad. I’ll admit I got a little lost at some points. The cast is extensive, to say the least. There are soooo many surrounding characters that play a part in the unfolding of this mystery and I was just like ‘Wait, so he is he? And who is he related to? And how does he know him…?’


But I found if I just kept reading, I could work out who was related to who and how and what role they had to play. I think I got it. Lol. I think. At least, it all seemed to make sense by the end.

The mystery side of this book is absolutely mind blowing. Be prepared to really get put through the wringer. The plot is so intricate that it will have you on your toes and second guessing yourself until the very end. Don’t worry, you will think you’ve totally lost the plot and missed vital information… you haven’t, as in book #1, Claire Contreras drip feeds the reader information and the mystery slowly unravels.

This book picks up right where There is No Light in Darkness leaves off and is told from alternate point of views, flicking back and forth between Cole and Blake. I really enjoyed that as I felt we got to really feel each of their struggles. Cole really goes through hell, mentally, in this book and I my heart broke for him. In book #1, we only get Blake’s POV, but I really felt that Cole had a story to tell too and the author allowed him to do just that in this book.

“Blake, your past is my past, your present is my present, and your future is my future. I bear the weight of everything that happens in your life. How can you not see that?”

After writing my last review, I read a few notes on this book to see what to expect and I read that a fee readers thought that there was less romance in this book. I disagree. I felt that there was much more development between Cole and Blake in this book. I loved how the romance and mystery ran parallel with this book.

We’re just two broken people in love trying to heal each other, and despite everything, we don’t want to be with anybody else.

It’s what I was looking for in book #1 and found slightly lacking. In Darkness Before Dawn the author uses the trauma and the drama that the characters go through outside of their relationship to illustrate and build upon their connection and their love for one another.


“Thank you, Cole for teaching me what love feels like. And most of all thank you for never giving up on me even when I was ready to give up on myself.”

There are times when they struggle to put their demons aside and That is how to write a book that is as much a thriller as it is a romance. I find it frustrating when one part gets diluted in favour of the other and I found Claire’s execution very satisfying and quite emotive.

“Do you think love conquers all?” I ask quietly.
“I hope so. If it doesn’t, we’re all doomed.”

Cole is an amazing book boyfriend! He is so completely head-over-heels in love with Blake and that never wavers. He is her rock and adores her more than life itself. This is a man who would do anything for the safety and happiness of his woman, and there is nothing more swoonworthy than that! He is out of his mind with worry when Blake is kidnapped after the end of book #1 and he would lay his life on the line to get her home safe.


“That’s all I am, Aim. A ghost of myself. I don’t even know who I am without her.”

I love that their relationship has developed over such a long period of time, they’ve been through everything together and their bond is steadfast.

“Blake, I feel like I’ve spent an eternity declaring my love for you and maybe I have. Hell, I’m sure I’ve been doing that for centuries. And as difficult as you can be, as stubborn as you are, and as big of a pain in my ass as you are, I wouldn’t want to spend any of my time in any lifetime chasing after anybody else. You’re it for me. You always have been and always will be.”

Dean irritated the living hell out of me. But I kind of loved him too. Which just pissed me off even more. I wanted to scream ‘Urgh, nooo, go AWAY!’ at my Kindle on various occasions. That little sub plot really wound me up. I’ll say no more… you’ll have to find out who Dean is, and why he pissed me off, for yourself!

Also, I really felt that I wanted to cast three other really important characters in this book… the rest of Blake and Cole’s family! There is huge focus on the importance of family in this book, but ironically, the family that support Blake the most and that give her the love and strength she needs, are her adopted family, not her biological family. So I felt that I wanted to cast these characters, as I really fell in love with them and the whole family unit, throughout this series.


All thoughts of who may or may not be my family vanish when I look into his green eyes, because he’s my family. My home.


The ending of this book is the perfect ending to Blake and Cole’s story. No two people should ever have to go through the things that they have been put through in their lives and as a reader, I was rooting hard for their happy-ever-after! And they got the perfect epilogue. The love you feel between these two gives you the warm and fuzzies.

“I love you for loving me, and I love you for allowing me to love you. I love you to the moon and back. Forever.”

P.S. This book would make an amazing film!!!


Darkness Before Dawn Statistics
• Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
• Ending: HEA
• Length: 361 pages
• Narrative: Alternate POV, between male and female protagonists. First person.
• Series: ✓
• Reading Order:
Book #1 – There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1)
Book #2 – Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness, #2)
Book #3 – Darkness Series Epilogue (Darkness, #2.5)
• Can this be read as a standalone? No
• Themes:
• WARNING. This book includes…
Sexual content. Violence. Death. Crime.
• Writing: Great

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