Just Human (Just Human #1), by Kerry Heavens ✰✰✰✰✰


Meet Liv and Danny…

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her, so she lets him go without a fight when his parents make him move back to America. She knows she will never love anyone like she loved him, but she has to move on.

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to stay, so he goes quietly when his parents leave the UK. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her, but he has to move on.

Twelve years on, they have made a good job of pretending, they may have almost forgotten. But when they get in touch via Facebook, it seems that it is all still there. 

They quickly find that they are intensely compatible in ways they hadn’t even begun to explore before they were forced apart. 

Can they put aside their fears and give it a go? Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart?

My Casting

4.5 STARS!

Well, I was going to say that this is a super cute, easy, quick read… and then Kerry Heavens bulldozed me with a really mean cliffhanger! This will teach me to do my research. I totally didn’t realise that this was a cliffy. It isn’t completely brutal and it won’t leave you a snotty, incoherent mess, but you will be like ‘Whaaaat? No! I need to know what happens!’

An adorable second chance romance, this story, set in the UK, begins when twenty-nine-year-old Liv discovers her douchebag boyfriend cheating on her, and finds herself newly single, once again. After a string of crappy relationships, she ends up throwing herself into her work, running her diner and bar, and deciding she’s going to ‘have some fun’.
But then her first love, her only love, gets in touch via Facebook…
And suddenly, everything is flipped upside down. After a few intense Facebook conversations, Danny and Liv realise that they both still harbour strong feelings for one another, following their relationship as teenagers, before Danny was forced to leave for the US with his parents.

Is a relationship possible when they live on different side of the Atlantic? Are they still in love, or are they just idealising the young romance of their past? And after twelve years apart, are they still the same people they once were?

I really liked this book. We’ve got so many tattooed bad boys who fall for the lovely, clean cut, good girls… well, this book is a little different in that respect. Liv isn’t a bad girl, but she’s covered in ink and got plenty of piercings. I loved that they were a little different to our normal book couples.

And I really liked Liv. She was ordinary and down to earth. I liked her surrounding family and friends, I liked her work ethic with her diner and her bar and I liked that she was strong enough to kick her ex-boyfriend into touch and then try (and fail) to fool around and live a little. But it just isn’t her. She’s a romantic at heart, even if all of her crappy exes have knocked the romance out of her and left her settling for second best.

My only complaint about Liv is the way she dealt with the circumstances at the end of the book. COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE!!! Come on, now! Urgh! But, saying that… wouldn’t a lot of books be totally boring if everyone was sensible and rational all the time?

So, then there’s Danny. Mr. Romance himself.

Awwww, he’s just adorable. He loves the new Liv. The grown up, inked up, independent woman that looks a lot like the vulnerable young girl he left behind and loved with all his heart. I like how decisive he is. Danny knows what he wants and he doesn’t hang about.

So, we’ve all been there, when we’re embarking on a new relationship with someone and one of the most exciting parts is the anticipation of the phone call, or the text/email/Facebook message. The butterflies in your tummy, the subtle flirting, the uncertainty… the ‘is he flirting with me?’… Urgh, I love it. And that’s exactly what you get when Danny gets in touch with Liv.
I absolutely adore a book with great flirty text/email/Facebook exchanges. There’s just something about it that gives me the warm and fuzzies. So I knew I was going to enjoy that part of Just Human.

This really is a whirlwind romance, written in alternating POVs. It all moves at rapid speed, but I think you need to remember that these are two not people who have only just met. They have a history. It’s the only way these two know how to be with one another. It’s natural and inevitable, and I think Kerry Heavens does a great job of illustrating that, despite the crazy fast pace that this relationship move at.

I really thought that this was a simple, sweet romance, with a good sprinkling of steam… and then came the ending. Aaah… things started going a little pear shaped and I suddenly realised that there weren’t enough pages left for the characters to sort themselves out. I hate it when that happens! *sad face*

Despite the cliffhanger ending, this is a nice, easy read. Childhood sweethearts, second chances and lifetime loves. I’m really looking forward to reading the next instalment, as these characters are so likeable, you can’t help but root for them.


Just Human Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
Ending: Cliffhanger
Series: ✓
Reading Order:
Book #1 – Just Human (Just Human, #1)
Book #2 – Still Human (Just Human, #2) Not yet released
Can this be read as a standalone? No
Childhood sweetheart
Second chance love
Warning. This book includes…
Sexual content.
Writing: Good

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