Thief (Love Me With Lies #3), by Tarryn Fisher ✰✰✰✰✰+


Note to Self

Love is patient; love is kind.
Love doesn’t boast or brag.
There’s no arrogance in love;
it’s never rude, crude, or indecent-it’s not self absorbed.
Love isn’t easily upset.
Love doesn’t tally wrongs.
Love trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what.
Love will never become obsolete.
I’ll fight for her.


Caleb Drake never got over his first love. Not when he got married. Not when she got married. When life suddenly comes full circle Caleb must decide how how far he is willing to go to get the aloof and alluring Olivia Kaspen back. But for every action in life there is a consequence, and soon Caleb finds out that sometimes love comes at an unbearably high price.

My Casting

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Oh my frickin’ life!

Perfect perfect perfect!



Epic. That’s the word that keeps drumming through my brain right now as I try to decide how to portray this story to you guys in a way that will sum up what I went through whilst reading it.

It was epic.

I’m so so sooo satisfied with this ending. It was just right. Everything. It was such a fantastic reflection of the entire series…


Things don’t always go the way you want them to. Real life isn’t perfect. It throws you curve balls when you don’t expect it, but some things are worth the struggle.

“Why are you forever comparing me to animals, shoes and food?”
“Because, I see the world in different shades of Olivia. I’m comparing them to you – not the other way around.”


This didn’t have a fairytale ending. Not everything finished up with idealistic circumstances… but this is probably one of the romantic stories I have ever read. Just because it was unperfectly perfect. But it is their very own nonconformist happily-ever-after. I promise that you will not be left feeling disappointed or ungratified after all the work you put into this rollercoaster of a series. But your heart may feel a little sad as it really is a bitter-sweet ending. Tarryn Fisher will continue dropping bombs until the very last page of the book. It really isn’t over until it’s over. And it’s worth every single second.

“Addiction,” I say simply. “It can span an entire lifetime if untreated.”
“What’s the treatment?”
“I don’t really care.”
“Me neither,” she says.


I cried so hard at the end of the book. I read the epilogue at snails pace and about five times, because I just didn’t want it to be over. That, for me, is the measure of an amazing book. There are lots of good books that I enjoy. But most often, I’m okay to move on to the next book, because I know there are so many great stories out there that I want to experience. But when I find great book, I don’t care what other books there are in my future, I don’t want to let these characters go. And that is how I felt with Love Me With Lies.

She has the kind of love that can stain your soul, make you beg not to have one, just to escape the spell she’s put you under. I’ve tried to break myself of her over and over, but it’s pointless. I’ve got more of her in my veins than blood.

There are so many little things that make you feel ingratiated into the lives of these characters. The private jokes you have with your college friends, those single words you say that make you both grin, when nobody else knows what you’re talking about. The songs that evoke heart swelling memories with just a few bars of introduction. The secret codes, the comforts, the favourites, the firsts, the good, the bad, the things that make you cry, the things that make you smile. Caleb and Olivia share all of this with you.

“Peter Pan.”

The beauty of this story is how the characters overcome the hardships. How life conspires against them. Timing is never right. Lies spiral out of control. Other people are determined to make things difficult. Argh, just everything… I’ve never been so frustrated.


This book was the best climax I could have possibly hoped for. It’s Caleb’s book. Caleb’s POV. And ohmygod the man is sex on a stick! This book is hotter, more sensual, more emotive than either of the other two, in my opinion. I felt this book so deeply.

It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers.

I love Caleb. SO much. I want to marry Caleb, have his babies and cook his dinners, every night, for the rest of my life. Throughout the story, he’s always been a strong, macho male, but I really felt the alpha-ness of Caleb in this book. His determination and will was relentless and uber sexy!

“You know,” I saw, leaning across the table and taking her hand. “I could have sex with a thousand women, and it wouldn’t feel like it did that night in the orange grove.”


I wish I were Olivia. I wish a man would feel such a strong connection to me that he would move mountains, not even to be with you, but just so you were happy and safe. I don’t think I have ever believed in fictional love as much I as I believed in Caleb and Olivia, despite them being apart for the majority of this book.

She might not be mine, but I’m hers.

But, jeez, Caleb was an idiot at times. Well, they all were. Some of their decisions, some of their choices along the way. You just wanted to scream at them. But that’s what makes it all so real. They aren’t reading a novel, they don’t have the benefit of hindsight or the overall view we have. They are just living their lives. They are ordinary human beings, making mortal errors, clouded by every emotion, the obligation to do the right thing vs. their own wants and desires. There is a such a raw sincerity about Tarryn’s writing. And I think that’s what sucked me in so deeply.

“Yeah, you got married, didn’t you? But you only did it because you thought we were over – and we’re not over. We’ll never be over. If you think that little piece of metal on your finger can shield off your feelings for me you’re wrong. I wore one for five years and there wasn’t a day that went by where I wasn’t wishing it were you.”

I’m absolutely useless at re-reads. I virtually never re-read, even my favourites. And I have a very low tolerance for companion novels that are the same story from a different POV. These books are not like that at all. The different character POVs gives clarity and understanding and complete the story, rather than being a copy and paste of old material for the sake of extra book sales. Because there is so much left unresolved in the first two books, the alternate POV’s add insight into the questions you wanted answered from the beginning.


As a whole series, I would give this 5+ stars! It is definitely a new favourite and it will be going onto my ‘need it in paperback’ shelf! Simply the depth of emotion that this evoked whilst reading it, the extreme highs and lows, the desperation for things to come good, makes it a must read.

I know so many people are hesitant to start these books. I was. I was terrified. I’d read the comments and I didn’t know whether I wanted to put myself through it. To those people… do it. Honestly, you won’t regret it. I’ll even hold your hand if you need me to. I’m so glad I waited until all three books were out, but now they are, you have to read this series. It’s amazing.


This isn’t second chance love. It isn’t even third chance love. Hell, I lost count of how many lives we used up during this whole saga. But it’s about trying, pushing, fighting, doing what you think it right, finding out it was wrong and trying all over again.

“I want your babies, and your anger, and your cold blue eyes…” I choke on my words and I am the one to look away. I being my gaze back to her face and realize that if I can’t convince her now, I’m never going to be able to. “I want to go on anniversary dinners with you, I want to wrap Christmas presents with you. I want to fight with you about stupid things and then hold you down in my bed and make it up to you. I want to have more cake batter fights and camping trips. I want your future, Olivia. Please come back to me.”

Tarryn Fisher is so clever. This was so original and just the way it was executed was so effective. The three books for each of the main characters. Putting Leah’s book in the middle to mix it up. The lack of Olivia and Caleb that made you yearn for more of them together. The flicking between past and present in all three books. The cocktail of catalysts that lead to each disastrous consequence. It’s just pure brilliance. It truly is a journey. I’ve never read a series like it.


“If I make this shot, will you go out with me?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I will.”


Thief Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥
Ending: Kind of HEA
Series: ✓ (Love Me With Lies series)
Reading Order:
Book #1 – The Opportunist
Book #2 – Dirty Red
Book #3 – Thief
Can this be read as a standalone? No
Love Triangle
Warning. This book includes… 
Love triangle
Writing: Fantastic

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  1. Tera Lemus says:

    Loved this book! It had me on the edge of my seat like a thriller. So sad the series is over.

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