Fall For Me (The Rock Gods #1), by Ann Lister ✰✰✰✰


Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad-boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear. Exposing the story would boost Ryan’s career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger’s privacy – and possibly his Rock God status.

The unlikely friendship that develops between Dagger and Ryan brings Ryan to question more than just his journalistic oath to report the news. It also forces him to take a look at himself and newly discovered feelings – feelings that make Ryan blind to the risk of becoming front page news himself.

Will Ryan find the courage to make a life decision to give himself true happiness with Dagger or take the path that would likely lead to heartbreak and destroy his career forever?

My Casting 

Well, that was an experience.

3.5 stars

This is my first ever M/M read. I’ve read M/F/M books and I’ve read books with M/M scenes in, but never read a solely male on male book! To be honest, it’s not even something I’ve really even considered a whole lot.

I’ve read and reviewed for this author before and when she asked me to give this a go, having really enjoyed her previous works, I readily agreed.

And I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t, like some people have said they did, forget that it wasn’t M/F, and I don’t think I felt quite the same as I do when a man falls for his woman… I was always very much aware that this book was about two men. But I did enjoy it.

“I am completely in love with him. Nothing else compares. He is my everything; there is no other way to say it.”

It was hot! There was a lot of sex in this book. A good, hefty dose of smut and one very sexy rockstar.

“All of this scares the shit out of me,” Ryan said. “But the rush I get from you is like no other. I can’t get enough and I can’t walk away.”

In Fall For Me, we meet Ryan, a straight entertainment journalist. Or so he thinks. His meeting with rockstar, Dagger, doesn’t go quite as he expects and as a result of the continued contact afterward, Ryan is left questioning his sexuality, for the first time in his life.

“If you spend too much time thinking about doing something, you won’t ever have enough time to experience it – or feel it. And feeling is the best part of anything. That’s how we know we’re alive.”

To add to the complications, although Dagger has always been acutely aware of his sexuality, his life in the public eye won’t allow him to live openly. Dagger and Ryan struggle with keeping their secret, whilst trying to build a new, delicate relationship.

“What kind of crazy things do you want?”
“To live in the open with you and not have to hide behind tinted windows or locked doors.”

I’ll tell you what… for a guy who is unsure of whether he is gay or not, Ryan and Dagger sure are at it like rabbits for the majority of this book!


Not that I’m complaining. There is a great build up of sexual tension whilst Ryan comes to terms with his feelings, but once he’s decided how he feels, they’re off! Lol!

“Zero to a hundred,” Ryan sighed.
“As in miles per hour?”
“Yeah, that’s what it feels like whenever I’m with you.”

I definitely feel that I didn’t invest as much in Ryan and Dagger’s relationship as I might usually do with an M/F character relationship. For me, there is something about a big, strong man who will do absolutely anything to protect, love and provide for his girl. In this book, both men are strong alpha characters and I found that a little hard to get my head around.

“I see we’re in for a cock fight, to see which man tops. Is that it?”

It wasn’t that I couldn’t believe it, I just felt that the fundamental, respective male/female roles within the story were missing. I can’t explain it any better than that.

“I was desperate for you to fall for me,” Dagger said, then looked away. “And, somewhere in the middle of that… obsession, I realized how deeply I had fallen for you.”

It certainly wouldn’t put me off of reading an M/M book again. And I’m really glad I gave this a go. If you like M/M, or you fancy giving it a try, I’d recommend this.

Fall For Me Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥♥
Ending: HEA
Series: ✓ (The Rock God’s series)
Reading Order:
Book #1 – Fall For Me
Other books not released yet.
Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
Rockstar romance
Warning. This book includes… 
Graphic sexual content
Writing: Good

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