Dangerous to Know & Love, by Jane Harvey-Berrick ✰✰✰✰✰


Silence is only skin deep.

Nineteen year old Daniel Colton is the guy all the girls want to date, and the man all the guys want to be. Moody, with an explosive temper, closed off and sullen, he’s also beautiful, tatted in delicious ways, with a pierced eyebrow and spiky black hair. It’s rumoured he has piercings in other places, too. Is he really mad, bad and dangerous to know?

Daniel lives with his older brother, Zef, and their home is party central. You want drugs, a good time, liquor, no questions asked? Colton’s is the place to go.

When Daniel and good girl Lisanne Maclaine have to work together on an assignment, Lisanne finds there’s a lot more to the college’s bad boy than his reputation. He’s intelligent and funny and good company. And then she discovers his secret, why he’s so closed off to everyone, and determined to keep people at arms’ length. But being his secret-keeper is harder than she ever dreamed.

Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual references and sex scenes, some coarse language, drug references and drug use.

My Casting

I ❤ Jane Harvey-Berrick!!!

Jane…I was sooo looking forward to reading this book, having been a mahoosive fan and advocate for Jane’s Education series. And then I saw that a couple of people had marked this as DNF, and I got a bit worried.I needn’t have worried. It’s totally true that no two people read the same book. ILOVED this!!!

It’s long. But I couldn’ve read more of it! Seeing as the author gave us a duet last time around, she decided to, pretty much, give us two books for the price of one this time… so for those of you who aren’t a fan of cliffhangers or having to wait and pay for sequels, this is a fab idea!

So, let’s talk about the story itself.

Daniel is a tattoed, pierced, closed-off hunk of moodiness. He keeps himself to himself, avoids making friends and has a big secret to protect.

He didn’t care what people thought about the way he looked. He knew that his tats, his piercings, the way he dressed, gave people a giant fuck off message, and that suited him just fine. That shit was deliberate.


Lisanne is the good little nerdy girl who frowns upon Daniel’s appearance and immediately stamps a stereotype onto him. She’s all about getting good grades, behaving herself, playing violin and studying music


Daniel and Lisanne get paired up on a project in one of their classes and you all know how it goes… Bad boy meets good girl and the rest is pretty predictable.

“What do you want, Lisanne?”
“Are you sure? You don’t get to have your first time again, baby doll. This isn’t how I’d imagined it.”
“You’ve imagined it… with me?”
“Are you fucking kidding me? You are hot. I’ve wanted you since I met you, but I figured you just wanted to be friends. That’s cool. I like having a friend who’s a girl.”
“Can I just… can I touch you?”
He nodded slowly, his eyes following her hand as it moved shakily to his waistband.
Softly, she laid her hand over his crotch and felt his heat and hardness. He inhaled deeply.
“You are so fucking sexy.”

Ohhhh no no no! Wrong! This books is not predictable. Dangerous to Know & Lovedeals with an issue that I have never ever read about before and it deals with it brilliantly. It is fascinating, heart wrenching and thought provoking and JHB has clearly done her research!

I absolutely adored Daniel. Argh, he drove me mad sometimes. He’s so private and shut-off, but just a fantastic, awe-inspiring character and so humbling.

“You think I’m broken, don’t you? You think I should be fixed. You want me to be normal. I’ll never be your version of normal, Lis. I’ll never be like you – like them.”
“I’m not trying to fix you, Daniel. I just want you to be happy. I love you just the way you are.”


I’ve read that some people had problems with Lisanne, but I really really liked her as a heroine. I enjoyed seeing the change in her throughout the book, going from a shy, innocent, geek-girl, to a self assured, loved, loving young woman, flourishing in the love of her broken bad-boy. She was sympathetic, strong, understanding. She wanted to help, she loved unconditionally, she was straight to the point and I really loved that neither character allowed for silly misunderstandings. Despite Daniel’s privacy, they were honest and open with their problems, when asked and talked things through. That, for me, makes a book soooo much more enjoyable.

I loved the significance of music in this book. So many books that I’ve read lately, use music to convey their feelings and say the words they can’t say out loud. But this book really really makes you consider the importance of music in our lives.


Another thing that pleased me, was that this is less a story about how Lisanne and Daniel got together. They come together fairly early in this story and DtK&L is more about the trials they face as a couple.

Everything has changed since I met you. I thought I knew who I was, what I was, but being with you, I’ve learned about the kind of man I want to be.

There are some delicious sex scenes in DtK&L, but they are most definitely secondary to the fabulous story. This book isn’t about the sex, but every steamy scene was entirely relevant to the story and the development of the characters. Daniel is suuuuper hot, very experienced and pretty damn horny. And he’s absolutely head over heels, arse over tit, for Lisanne, even before he realizes it. It’s so incredibly adorable to watch these two cling to one another, protect one another and ultimately, love one another, no matter what.

I don’t want to be defined by this


So, yeh, I think we’ve establish, I’m a massive Jane Harvey-Berrick fan, and, as I did with The Education of Sebastian and Caroline, I will be telling everybody all about this fabulous book.


Dangerous to Know & Love Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
Ending: HEA
Series: ✗
Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
Bad boy meets good boy
Bad boy with a secret
Warning. This book includes… 
Sexual references, sex scenes, coarse language, drug references and drug use
Writing: Great

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4 Responses to Dangerous to Know & Love, by Jane Harvey-Berrick ✰✰✰✰✰

  1. Shirley Wilkinson says:

    Thank you for this wonderful review. It is probably one of the best I have seen. As a fan of Jane Harvey Berrick, I truly believe that she is one of the few authors out there who raise the ordinary to the extraordinary.

  2. Mariela says:

    I looove your review!!! and I agree with you that this is just two books in one awesome, breathtaing story, but I want to point out a bit of a mistake that you have written at the end of the post (The Statistic part), where you summraise the book, in the part of the themes it says “Bad boy meet good boy” and this is just wrong hehehe… anyway I love your review and I think as you have remainded me so much of the book, I’ll be re-reading it again 🙂

  3. Elizabeth D says:

    Great Review!!! I really enjoyed this book as well. I loved how unique it was… I really feel their is no book out there that is similar!
    Have a great week!

  4. kim says:

    I read at your beck and call based on your review, and haven’t stopped reading Jane HarveyBerrick since. I loved the Education of Sebastian and Caroline, now one of my favorite all time books, and this one, really enjoyed it. Jane is such an incredible writer, thanks so much for introducing me to her books.

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