Collision Course, by S.C. Stephens ✰✰✰✰✰


Lucas had it all – popularity, a devoted girlfriend, a brotherly best friend, and a loving mother who would do anything for him. His life was right on course to be a successful and fulfilling one, until the crash changed everything. It happened late one night during a sudden downpour. That evening, three young lives were lost and one life was left irrevocably altered. As the lone survivor, Lucas finds himself surrounded by swirling gossip of reckless drunkenness from the small town he used to warmly call home. Amid his own guilt and self-hatred, Lucas struggles to find hope, find peace, and maybe, even find love again.

SKoW Award winner 2010 – Best Het, Most Memorable

My Casting

Intensely emotional!

I just can not get enough of S.C. Stephens’ books! The Thoughtless series is my absolute all-time favorite series. So, when I realised that she’d written this and I hadn’t read it, it launched itself straight to the top of my TBR list! And I wasn’t disappointed.

“It hurts to much. Life… it hurts so much. I don’t feel like I belong. Ever since the crash, I haven’t felt like I should be here, and now I know why.”

Before I go any further, if I had to pick a fault, it is the length of this book! It is very long and I did feel that there was a lot that could probably have been cut out. That was the only thing stopping this from being a 5+ star read for me!

Other than that, it’s superb.

I cried sooo many times during this book. I cried for characters that died before the book even begins, I cried for Lucas, I cried for Sawyer, I cried for the families that were left behind. It’s so so sad.

“I fucked up – completely sober and they all died because of it! And I wish every day that I’d died with them!”

Totally heartbreaking, thought provoking and completely worth it.


I don’t know what it is about some authors that just manages to suck you in. What is the difference between good writing and out standing writing? What is the difference between the books you like and the books you simply can’t put down?

And whatever it is, Stephens has it! Her books are the ones that stay with me. Not only after I’ve read them, but when I have to put them down to work, when I can’t keep my eyes open at night, when I have to get on with those irritating, inconvenient, every day things like shower, cook, eat… the characters that I can’t stop thinking about and the book-worlds that I don’t want to be separated from.

Lucas tugged so hard at my heart strings! I physically felt his pain in my chest and I spent such a large proportion of his story in tears. It’s rare to read an entire book from a male POV and I wasn’t sure that a YA book would work so well like that, but, before long, I wasn’t giving it a second thought.

“I remember everything… from that night. Every horrid, intricate detail. I wish I could forget.”

I loved Sawyer. She was steadfast and consistent throughout the whole book and I was rooting for her from the beginning.

“Honestly, Sawyer, you’re my only reason to wake up.”

For a long time, Lucas struggles with the love that he still feels for his dead girlfriend, Lil, and he feels, in his mind, that they are still together. Because of this, he can’t pursue a relationship with Sawyer beyond friendship and comfort. It’s gut wrenching to watch them both struggle with their feelings and connections, in their own ways, yet know that they can’t be together.

“You’re my miracle. Don’t take that away from me.”

Lucas has a lot of dreams where he ‘meets’ his dead friends and girlfriend and begins to live for these dreams, at the expense of real life. I didn’t enjoy the dreams as much as I enjoyed the rest of the book. These were what I felt could have been reduced a little. I understand the need for them to help the reader connect with the deceased characters, but I just felt they were a little too much.

Dreams didn’t mean anything? But… what if dreams were all I had?

So, in conclusion, this book was fantastic and I really would recommend it, despite the length of it. It just proves to me, once again, why S.C. Stephens is such an outstanding author!


Collision Course Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
Ending: HEA
Series: ✗
Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
High school
Warning. This book includes…
Writing: Great

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