Steel and Lace: The Complete Series (Lace #1-4) by Adriane Leigh ✰✰✰✰


The bestselling erotic romance series from Adriane Leigh is now available in paperback for the first time!

From the moment their eyes locked across a crowded room, he recognized something in her that he needed. Something that was impossible to resist…
Enigmatic and sexy, Carter Morgan is a wealthy CEO and playboy who keeps a model on his arm and the walls around his heart high. His dangerous good looks and seductive charm gets him whatever he wants— whenever he wants it. That is until he meets Eva.
When smart and spirited fashion editor Evangeline Austin encounters Carter Morgan, sparks fly and worlds collide. Her every instinct tells her to run, yet she can’t deny the overwhelming effect he has on her. They embark on a passionate affair that threatens to consume them. 
They try to defy the odds by making their own rules and surrendering completely to the exquisite power of their passion but when unforeseen forces threaten to tear them apart, Carter and Eva must decide if the moments of exquisite perfection are worth the intense pain.

Steel and Lace: The Complete Series contains volumes #1-4 of the Lace Series.

My Casting

Another book that has me in two minds… I’m going to settle on 3.5 Stars.

You will love this book if you don’t mind reading the same type of things over and over. If you love Fifty Shades, Crossfire, etc. and you want an alpha male, controlling billionaire, that follows the standard pattern, then you will enjoy this book.

“Carter Morgan, 28-year-old sexy CEO, named youngest billionaire by Forbes, and a diehard modelizer.”

It is well written, and as a book in it’s own right, it is full of drama and angst and very hot sex. So in that respect, I loved it. I did want to bang the characters heads together at many points in the book. There seemed to be misunderstanding after misunderstanding and they both drove me crazy! A lot! Lol.

“It’s us. You and me, always.”

But for me, it had way too many similarities to Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series. The characters, the reactions, the situations, everything… The first half of the book, I really could have just been reading a book I’d already read. The female lead is even called Eva!! But Carter calls her by her full name, Evangeline. And when he said he used her full name because it’s a “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” , I physically rolled my eyes. However, the second half of the book was much muchbetter in terms of originality.

“We’ll fly out at four on Friday. Don’t bother packing, I want you naked as much as possible next weekend.”

I was very cynical about the speed of Carter and Eva’s relationship. It made it a little difficult to buy into, for me. Things developed so fast that I wasn’t convinced that their feelings could possibly be real… it was kind of like they’d gotten caught up in a whirlwind. And they went from one extreme to another, they were either ripping one another’s clothes off or on the brink of splitting up. I wonder if all of this worked better as a four piece series, because between books you would have time to mull it all over and process everything. But reading it all in one go, I felt like I was on a very very fast emotional rollercoaster.

“My bed sheets feel empty when you’re not there. Your heartbeat helps me sleep. Your breath soothes my soul. I know you’re mad, but, please don’t leave. Don’t run on me Eva, I love you, more than I knew I could ever love anyone. When were apart I think of nothing but you. You’re my everything.”

I feel like this is quite a negative review and I have to stress that I did enjoy the book. It was one of those ‘I need to find out what happens next.’ and I was rooting for the characters, despite feeling that they were absolutely crazy, lol. Eva is relatable, like I mentioned, the writing is good and Carter is super hot.

“I was just thinking, the sky’s the limit when you put your mind to something, and then I realized that could be the perfect metaphor for our relationship.”

I would definitely recommend it to fans of Fifty, Crossfire and Up In The Air, as long as you don’t mind reading things that are a bit samey. It is sexy and pacey and Carter is a great alpha. But if you’re looking for original, fresh ideas then I don’t think this is for you.


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