True Love Story by Willow Aster ✰✰✰✰


Sparrow Fisher is transforming. No longer dressed up in antiquated clothes and ideals, she is finally trying on her freedom.

Before she moves to New York City, she meets Ian Sterling, a musician Sparrow has dreamed about since she first saw him. The attraction is instant, but their relationship isn’t so simple.

Over a five year span, Sparrow and Ian run into each other in unusual places. Each time, Sparrow has to decide if she can trust him, if he feels the same for her, and finally, if love is really enough.

My Casting

Gosh, this is a difficult one. I want to pretend that I am a realist and that I understand that love stories are not all sweetness and light, and I enjoy as much angst as the other one… but when I read a romance novel, I want to be completely and utterly in love with my hero.

And I was… that’s part of the problem.

I can no more “go on” without you than I could if half my body was cut away.

I know this isn’t making any sense, but bear with me. Ian Sterling is the perfect book boyfriend. He’s gorgeous, he’s brazenly infatuated with our heroine, Sparrow.

“God, you’re hot,” he says. “I don’t forget when we’re apart – at all – but it just sort of shocks me all over again when I see you.”

He’s a sexy musician, he’s got a tortured past and he does the cutest things… I’m talking cupcakes, writing songs about her, romantic getaways… I could go on.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t seem very attentive,” he whispers.
“Oh, he’s attentive,” I whisper back.
“Well, I guess if you like them like that.”
“Don’t you worry about what I like.”
“Can’t promise you that.”
“Why not?”
“Well, look at you. I already want to steal you.”

And that was where the problem lies…

“You’re impossible.”
“You’re delectable.”
“You’re incorrigible.”
“You’re edible.”

This book broke my heart so badly that I’m not sure there was any chance of it ever being put back together again by the end of the book. I don’t really know that Ian could possibly have redeemed himself.

“No pressure, but… I can’t live without you.”


I assume that this is entitled True Love Story, with the emphasis on True, because of the ugliness in the book… the story is about truth, forgiveness, betrayal and ultimately a love that conquers all… but I’m not sure whether I believed or not. I don’t know that I could have been as big a person as Sparrow was…

Love is enough.
Love does conquer all.
Love really does always protect, trust, hope, persevere…
I’d even go as far as saying that love never fails. I finally believe that.

Without spoilers, I can’t really explain any further. I so did not see the twist coming. I don’t know why because now that I know, it seems obvious… but anyhow, I didn’t… and it knocked me for six.

All of that said. I could not put this book down. I loved reading it. Sparrow is fabulous. Sparrow and Ian’s relationship, whilst a little unconventional, is addictive and, well… we’ve already discussed Ian.

What’s the right thing to do here? Is this a time when it really is okay to ogle? Or try to focus on his eyes in a loving way? I can’t help it, I have to peek.
And that’s what a real man looks like.
I had no idea it would be that… impressive.

Although I do have something to add… Anyone that can do a Justin Timberlake ‘Damn Girl’ strip tease and make it sexy needs to promoted to superhero in my book. I love love love this scene SO much!

I feel loved and pretty until I stump my toe on the floor. It wrecks my nail polish.
Ian checks on my toe and then stands up and starts dancing seductively in front of me. He pulls off his t-shirt and starts singing in a high falsetto voice, “Dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang.” He turns around and starts slowly pulling off his pajama bottoms, throwing in a pelvic thrust. “Dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang.”
At first I’m staring wide-eyed at him and then I lose it. He runs his hand through his hair and goes for his underwear, ripping them off and my mouth drops before I die.
“You’ve got me saying, ‘Dang girl, you’re so fine. The way you let me put it down girl, just blows my mind. I guess I gotta put it down to-day. I gotta put it down…” he sings.
He’s picked me up and it ‘putting me down’ on the bed. I’m wiping my eyes and trying to catch my breath. finally he stops and looks at me, grinning. “Dang girl, dang girl, dang…” he whispers as he kisses down my chest.
“You just put Justin Timberlake to shame,” I tell him.
“Thanks, you inspired me with your ‘dang’.”
“I see that.”

So, I was so conflicted over how to rate this. As far as the writing and 90% of the book, it was a five star read… The characters were fantastic, it had me laughing out loud and I couldn’t put it down…

“I had to nip it in the butt,” she says.
“The bud. Nip it in the bud.”
“I like the other way better.”

…but I just couldn’t give it a perfect rating when it left me so torn. I would recommend this book, but I would advise going into it with an open mind. And I think that’s about as much as I am able to say.


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