‘Sapphire Universe’ by Devon Herrera ✰✰✰✰✰


Some people are so focused on themselves that they miss out on the world around them. These people are consumed with their own pain, trials and live inside of their own world, never noticing what the Universe has to offer outside of their bubble. They don’t see the paths set before them and as is the law of the Universe, when you set out on the wrong path, you lose. Nina Ryan was one of those people.

When she was 17, Nina’s world was turned upside down. Devastated by loss and grief, she was blind to the warning signs the Universe was sending her. She never saw the betrayal and pain coming and when it did, it crippled her. Nina barley made it out whole, but when she did she vowed to take control, to never again be blindsided. 

Now at 26, Nina lives her life in a spectator’s state. She is constantly watching and waiting for the signs that she uses to stay on the right path. The Universe is her guide and with it and a strict set of rules, she is safe, guarded. The Universe has never steered Nina wrong so far, so she’s completely rattled when it throws her directly into the path of the one thing she has learned to avoid. And it just keeps pushing.

Connor is everything Nina can’t have and shouldn’t want. He’s gorgeous, charming, fun, and has sapphire eyes that see everything. Why would a beautiful man from New York want a damaged girl? More importantly how can Nina give him her heart when he’s just going to take it with him when he leaves? Nothing about him makes sense and everything about him screams risk. Will Connor finally be the risk Nina gains from, or is he hiding something that could finally destroy her for good? Only the Universe knows.

For 18+ only due to sexual content and mature situations.

My Casting

This book has it all…
Action, drama, swoonworthy romance, kidnapping, tragic pasts, uncertain futures, an abundance of tequila, steaming hot sex and chocolate sauce, naked bodies and the imaginative use of a kitchen table… need I say more?!

I loved this. Sometimes I like to just skim the blurb so that I don’t really know what to expect. That’s what I did with this. I had a vague idea, but nothing concrete, and I got so much more than I’d bargained for…

I love that the book throws you straight into the story. I know that sometimes it’s necessary to build the story, set the scene, etc. but, after an intriguing prologue,Sapphire Universe launches you into the meeting of Connor and Nina and rolls from there.

It’s a message from the Universe. “The best relationships begin as friendships.”

And there isn’t a dull moment. There is heart stopping, panty dropping, enviably cute romance which will make you you fall in love with Connor.

“Come on Nina, you can’t avoid doing things just because you’re afraid you will get hurt.”
“I’ll fall. I always fall and I don’t do it gracefully. I land hard and I usually break something. I’m a walking disaster just waiting to happen. Don’t you understand?”
“I understand Nina, but this time it’s different.”
“Why? How could this time possibly be any different than the others?”
“It’s different, because this time I’m here to catch you.”

There is an air of mystery that will have you biting your fingernails and keeping all appendages crossed that things won’t go badly.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m asking anyway. Trust me. Trust me without knowing all the facts.

There is sex. Great sex! With one very inexperienced Nina and one very, very adept, hot male! 😉

I always thought the allusive “O” that girls always talked about was an urban legend, but Connor is quickly turning me into a believer.

There is action that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make it impossible not to turn the pages.

And there is an adorable, perfect HEA involving a bus and lots of apple cider and a girl with a boys’ name. So sweet.

“I will always carry you Princess. Not everyone can say they have held their entire Universe in their arms.”

In short, yes, I loved this book and I think everyone needs to get a wiggle on and get it on their TBR list asap! I can’t wait to read Lola, Drake, Nick and Toni’s stories.

In ancient times a sapphire was given as an oath of trust, honesty and loyalty. Sapphire is the original “true blue”, symbolizing sincerity and the soul.



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