Agent of Desire (Jessica Booker #1) by Charlie Evans ✰✰✰✰


*An Erotic Spy Thriller* 

Adrenaline junkie Jessica Booker joined the CIA to take on bad guys and flirt with danger. And with perks like sleeping with hot foreign men added into the mix, well…it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Now in Paris, she’s about to take on her second assignment as an official agent but is caught off guard when her new handler turns out to be Sims, a sexy CIA instructor. Sims was hard enough to resist in the classroom—in the field, he’s a dangerous distraction. To make matters worse, Jessica’s target is a gorgeous Frenchman who manages to put her in the most compromising positions—positions she doesn’t altogether mind. 

With rogue agents, classified secrets, and tempting men at every turn, this mission will prove to be the first real test of her skills, both in and out of the bedroom.


What a great book. This was a really fun, quick read. I whizzed through it in one evening.

I love an angsty, heart wrenching romance, but sometimes it’d nice to have something a bit different. A bit racy and a bit exciting. Agent of Desire was just the ticket. It was a short burst of drama, action and excitement.

It was nothing like the spy films with exotic locations, heart-stopping danger, and smokin’ agents with telling scars.

… Until now. This book was steamy, witty and original.

Jessica/Lori wasn’t exactly what I’d call loveable, but I did warm to her. She was slutty, her morals were questionable and she has issues with commitment and settling down. But her heart seemed in the right place and she was really very funny.

I look over the back of the chair to make sure he’s still asleep. He is. And he still has an erection. I can’t stay in the room with him like that all night. I’m liable to give myself finger cramps from playing with myself.

The story follows rookie CIA agent ‘Lori’, real name; Jessica, on her first high action mission. It’s her chance to prove herself in her field and what she’s trained for all her life. But as she already knows, it’s hard to work out who to trust, everybody is a potential enemy and she has to work smart and fast to save herself and any other innocent parties, using guns, secret gadgets, code cracking and of course, sex!

Most of our trainers said it was up to our discretion, and that we never had to use sex unless we felt it was necessary. Wink, wink. They also said that we should do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I can’t say much more about the characters without giving too much away, and the twists and turns are what makes this book what it is, so my lips are sealed. You will have to read to find out more.

If you’re after something that won’t tear your heart to shreds and leave you with puffy eyes and an empty Kleenex box, this is a great read.

He’s winning.
Something stirs inside me. That means I’m losing.
I hate losing.
The game isn’t over until you’re dead.


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