‘Forever and Always’ by Beverley Hollowed ✰✰✰✰


When 17 year old Melanie O’Leary agreed to spend the summer with her Aunt Maggie in Boston, she was less than thrilled. But after an argument with her father, the trip gives her just the space she needs. 
When she meets the handsome and very charming Sam Cooper, she loses her heart completely and utterly and then has it broken. Suddenly her life falls apart and is changed forever. Now she has to pick up the pieces and start again.
Seven years have passed and three weeks before her wedding to the dependable Simon Brennan, she comes face to face with the man who stole her heart and broke it. Now she must decide between her past and her future. But will a secret she is hiding find her having the choice made for her instead. Will she find the one who will love her…. Forever and Always.

My Casting

This was a very cute, very touching story about all kinds of love. Most obviously, the love between a boy and a girl, which grows to be a love between a man and a woman. A lost love, a betrayed love.

The book also tells of the love between a father and a daughter, between best friends and the difference between loving somebody and being in love with somebody.

“Love is always complicated, my dear. But when you find the one, you must hold on with both hands and never let it slip away.”

For me, I definitely enjoyed the second half of this book more than the first half. I struggled to believe in the younger Melanie and Sam. I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel their love at first sight story and wasn’t convinced by them. However, when Melanie’s life is thrown into utter turmoil, my feelings began to shift. Finally, when the story skipped forward seven years, I found the older characters much more believable, relatable and got drawn into the book completely. From then on, I was all in!

“What happened?”
“You did.” She whispered, her eyes locking onto his. “You’re making me fall for you, and I know I’m going to be hurt in the end.”

Melanie’s story is tragic and heart breaking. There were tears threatening to spill on more than one occasion. I also cried for Simon and Melanie. I found that aspect of the story so sad. A true example of how many lives are affected by the choices we make and also the choices our hearts make, that we have no control over.

“I tried staying away from you because I knew if I walked to you I would lose my heart forever.”

The one thing that bothered me was the ease of which Sam and Melanie seemed to desert everybody around them. What Melanie’s father did at the end of the book, although it was through love for his daughter, was, in my opinion, completely unforgivable and would have hurt so many people. I can’t abide by that.

But… I was rooting for Sam and Melanie, so I had to put it aside momentarily in search of my HEA. And I got it. The epilogue was beautiful and the perfect ending to Sam and Melanie’s tale.

“Melanie O’Leary” he said as he kissed her lips softly. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too, Sam Cooper.” Melanie replied and smiled.
“Forever and always?” He asked.
“Forever and always.” She replied.


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