Cloud Walking (Find You in the Dark #1.5) by A. Meredith Walters ✰✰✰✰


While Clay and Maggie were falling apart…

Daniel and Rachel were falling in love. 

Rachel Bradfield has loved Daniel Lowe for most of her life. She has had to sit quietly by while he throws his feelings away on a girl who doesn’t deserve them. Rachel knows she can be everything he needs.

Daniel has always known Rachel was special. She is one of his best friends. But what Daniel doesn’t realize is that the girl he has known forever might just be the one he really wants.

Love pulls two people together, while tearing two others apart. As Daniel and Rachel discover the beauty of first love their best friend loses her heart to the deepest darkness. Unable to hold Maggie together, Rachel and Daniel find out that love doesn’t have to hurt and that it can change your life.

My Casting

Aaah, I’m so excited for Light in the Shadows, having absolutely adored Find You in the Dark, so I was really excited to be able to read this beautiful novella, about surrounding characters, Maggie’s friends, Rachel and Daniel.

In Find You in the Dark there is a continuous sub storyline playing out in the background with Rachel and Daniel, and A. Meredith Walters did a fantastic job at piecing all of it together to form Cloud Walking.

Daniel Lowe. My savior. My perfect guy. The boy who would never love me the way that I loved

Daniel is gorgeous and such a typical man. I think we can all relate the how exasperating the male species can be, with their obliviousness, their one track mind and their inability to remember arrangements… Daniel is all of those things, but so completely loveable. You can’t help but like him straight away.

“If I’ve ever made you feel less than crucial to my life, I apologize. Because you are important to me. Actually important doesn’t even cover it. You are fundamental to who I am. There is no Daniel Lowe without Rachel Bradfield.”

And poor Rachel. She has loved her best friend, from afar, forever, and he is completely blind to her. Until now…

“This is what love was supposed to feel like.
This perfect immersion of two people who were ready and willing to become a part of each other. ”

The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because it is too short!!! I could read about these characters forever and if I thought I couldn’t wait for Light in the Shadowsbeforehand, I’m positively chomping at the bit now!

Roll on March 26th! Woop!

“I just want to be the only thing he sees. I want to feel like we’re walking on clouds when we’re
together. That I’m the girl he wants,”


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