The Mistaken by Nancy S. Thompson ✰✰✰✰✰


Tyler Karras is an honest man, a transplanted Brit living the American dream, but his charmed life takes an unexpected turn when his brother, Nick, is coerced into joining ranks with San Francisco’s Russian mafia. Ty intervenes to secure Nick’s freedom, yet only succeeds in incurring their wrath. With no choice but to accept Nick’s new life, Ty returns to his own, but his dreams are dashed when his wife—pregnant with their first child—is killed, the victim of a reckless crime. 

Despondent and bitter, Ty macerates his grief in alcohol. From the depths of the bottle screams a voice, howling for vengeance. His target is a stranger, the woman who drew his wife toward her death. He doesn’t know her, but he’ll find her, and when he does, he will make her pay, for a deal has been struck with Nick’s Russian associates, enslaving her into a life of bondage. But as Ty moves forward in a cloud of alcohol, he mistakes the wrong woman for his intended victim and now all his plans have gone straight to hell.

With his eyes made clear by the stark reality of his mistake, Ty is driven, compelled by remorse and a relentless sense of guilt to make amends and protect Hannah Maguire, the innocent woman whose life he has derailed. He vows to keep her safe and out of the Russians’ hands, but they’re holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal and turn over the girl. Once again, he must fight to free his brother, miring all three lives in further jeopardy. But Ty can’t do it all: Save the girl, his brother and his own soul. One of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

My Casting

For fans of ‘Captive in the Dark’, the ‘Consequences’ series and other Action Romance novels… move over bad boys, there’s a new kidnapper on the block. But he isn’t a bad boy… not really. He’s a tormented, lonely, lost man on a path of vengeance, driven by guilt and sorrow.

“The lyrics,
‘Tell me would you kill to save a life…would you kill to prove you’re right?’
They’ve often made me wonder, what would make a good man do something…you know, really awful, like kill or whatever. And well, now…I guess I have my answer don’t I?”

This is a fast paced, intense, high energy story about guilt, all consuming grief and learning how to forgive. It’s harrowing and unpredictable. It had me in tears and it had me on the edge of seat. I read until 3.20am last night, when I finally finished, putting it down only to end up dreaming about the characters and the intricate plot. The twists and turns are unthinkable and totally gripping.

“We could probably do it, figure out a plausible way to really get back her, to completely ruin her life. How hard could it be?”

Well, isn’t that just the million dollar question. If only they’d known how hard it could be!

“He needs to learn there are consequences to his poor decisions.”
“And if the consequence is death, Jillian? What lesson is there to learn then?”

This is something Tyler Karras is about to find out in every way imaginable.

Whilst The Mistaken does involve a love story, it is so much more than that. It’s gritty action drama, first and foremost, with a love story thrown in on the side to add to the intensity (if that’s even possible).

“If I can help make you whole again, then maybe I can be, too. And I need that, Ty. I need that more than you could ever know.”

The first half of the story is completely heartbreaking. Although, I have to say, I didn’t warm to Jillian, I found her spoilt and reckless, Tyler’s love for his new wife was obvious. Therefore, the effect her death had on him was so sad. I cried buckets at the hospital scene and then again at the funeral. You could feel his torment and pain rolling off of the pages.

“Have you ever loved or even wanted someone so much you didn’t want to live if they weren’t there right next to you every minute of the day?”

I wanted to slap Nick, Tyler’s wayward brother! Hard! How could somebody lead their own flesh and blood down such a dark, destructive path? Urgh, it drove me to distraction. Watching Tyler deteriorate before my very eyes. I wanted to jump into my Kindle and shake the both of them.

I was all too aware that life wasn’t free, that it costs us each something, but I had already paid more than my fair share, giving up that gave me incentive to live in the first place. Life had cost me everything. I had nothing left to lose.

But, after Jillian’s death, the book spirals into realms I hadn’t anticipated for even a second. The sense of danger and hopelessness is palpable. I truly had no idea how this was going to end and couldn’t see a way out for the characters.

I’d traded my soul for the chance to get even, bartering with the Devil with a life that was not my own.

I liked Hannah. She was strong and determined, although battling her own demons, and ultimately she was compassionate and human! Whilst I can’t imagine ever falling for a guy who had wronged me in the way Tyler had her, I was willing them to be together and I liked that Tyler’s feelings for Hannah drove the latter part of the story.

“I can’t take back what I’ve done, but I can spend forever making up for it, if you’d just give me the chance.”

I felt such a huge need to protect Tyler. Seeing the transition from the man he used to be, to the monster he became was painful. I wanted to reach out and protect him, tell him everything was going to be okay, strip him of his guilt and provide the love that he craved and missed so desperately.

I was crazy with grief and loneliness, and most of all, with intense, overwhelming guilt that burned through every cell of my being hotter than a Devil’s anvil.

The last quarter of this book… OH. My. God. Cage fighting. Murder. Rape. Hostages. The Russian mob. FBI. And a whooole lotta blood. But, Christ, I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

“This is not about money. This is about honor and integrity.”

And Nick… I won’t include any spoilers, but aaaaah, I sobbed! Soo did not see it all coming! Ms. Thompson is a bold writer and her fearlessness makes this story so real.

The ending was in no way predictable. At all. I could not have figured this book out if you paid me. It was original and intriguing and I commend Nancy Thompson for such an imaginative, complex novel. Madness, utter madness!

I saw the regret in his eyes, the remorse that consumed him, and the pain of knowing his decision was more costly than he could have ever imagined possible.

In conclusion, this book was nothing like I expected. To be honest, I don’t really know what I expected. But this was so much better. I urge fans of action, thriller romance novels to read this book. You won’t be disappointed.

All we are is who we surround ourselves with and let into our hearts.


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2 Responses to The Mistaken by Nancy S. Thompson ✰✰✰✰✰

  1. WOW! Man, I should hire you as my publicist. Thank you for that fantastic review! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it so much. I hope your fans like it as much as you did. Thanks for spreading the word and for making my day!

  2. It was really cool to see the story through your eyes, Smitten. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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