Truth (Consequences #2) by Aleatha Romig ✰✰✰✰✰+


Claire Nichols endured the CONSEQUENCES of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta. 

When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and compartmentalization Claire captivated her captor. Her resilience in the face of his rule threatened Anthony’s well developed plan. Domination became desire and power turned to love. 

Their passion and adoration in a world of opulence appeared perfect. Yet, reality was a roller coaster of emotion. Claire’s world teetered on the edge of sanity as Antony monitored her every move. When given the opportunity to flee, Claire drove away. A fateful decision which set a well laid plan into motion. 

However, unbeknownst to either of them, there were others who saw past the perfect facade of Anthony Rawlings. There were others who saw the TRUTH. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. Not just a release – a pardon. According to the law, her crime never happened! 

Will it be that easy? Faced with freedom from her past… can Claire seize it? Can she build a new life, mend her broken spirit, become the woman she once was, and seek her own revenge? Or is it all a game? And does the game master have different plans?

How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Will her presence affect the future of this well esteemed man? Can he dominate twice? Is that his goal? 

TRUTH continues the tumultuous saga of CONSEQUENCES, introduces new players, and uncovers more intrigue. Aleatha Romig skillfully weaves past transgressions through current deception to create a fervent world of obsessed desire. In this reality can an all-consuming relationship survive? 

When buried sins are discovered they threaten not only Tony and Claire’s future — but their very lives! Will the TRUTH be revealed in time?

My Casting

The only way to possibly start this review is to begin by saying… this book is friggin amazing!!

I loved Consequences, but Truth was just a whole other level! It’s definitely going on my favourites shelf, and what a way to start 2013.

I couldn’t possibly begin to describe the storyline of Truth. It’s so complex, interwoven and mind blowing, that I can’t remember what happened in what order. Just know that it is completely gripping.

Mr Anthony Rawlings had a lesson to learn and Claire claimed the role as teacher.

I read, like the addict I am, every single second I could manage. I was totally addicted to Claire and Tony! And my emotions were all over the place.

As they sat, him on the sofa and her in a chair, she added, “I know you enjoy coffee, I’d offer you some. But, the last time I got you coffee, it didn’t work out so well for me.”
Tony smirked, “God, Claire you’re something else. I can’t imagine anyone else joking about that.”

One minute I adored Tony, the next I wanted him to suffer. I was right there along with Claire as far as emotional whip lash. Aleatha Romig is an actual genius when it comes to creating a character that evokes both intense passion and hatred. One minute I was soooo Team Harry (just need to mention here; how adorable is Harry?!) and then Tony would come along and I’d be pining for a Tony/Claire HEA!

“It’s documented, when a person is forbidden something, once it’s available, they tend to overindulge.”
Tony met her gaze, his tone a sultry melody, “Before it is made available, a person may dream of it, long for it, and fantasize about it. Especially if they once had it and know how amazing it is.”

Tony is such a fabulous character! He is sexy, tortured, broken, unexpectedly sensitive, protective, utterly insane at times and you learn to love every side of him, light and dark. Somehow, the fact that he started off as such a dark soul, makes his admission of love to Claire all the more heart wrenching.

“I have made some bad decisions… and done some things I regret in my life… but without a doubt… what I regret the most… is divorcing you. If you tell me there is hope, that one day you’ll be Mrs. Rawlings again, I will wait.”

The are so many twists and turns and unexpected findings that you just can’t possibly predict this book. That is one of the things that keeps you reading. What with the addition of Sophie, Derek, Harry, Phil, etc. you just have no idea what the next chapter, or page, even, is going to throw at you.

Tony lifted his glass and proposed a toast, “To you, the only person in this world, who can keep me on my toes.”
Claire held her glass.

And the ultimate twist at the end, oh myyyyy GOD!!! I was preparing myself for the unexpected! I knew Aleatha Romig was going to try and rip the rug from under my feet and I wanted to catch her out… but I didn’t! It was like a punch to the gut! Oh my God.

No matter how much he loved her (view spoiler) his need to fulfill his promise to Nathaniel would always prevail.

How in the hell am I ever going to wait so long for book no. 3?!!!! I need it now! Like, right now!

Truth had my heart racing, breaking, melting and palpating, my mind spinning, my palms sweating and poor tired little brain working over time. It is seriously intense but so so so good. I can’t recommend it enough.

Tony squeezed her hand and whispered, “It’s as beautiful as I remember.”
“Have you been here – recently?”
“No, I’d be lost without you.”

It worries me that Consequences takes a while to get going, so people might throw the towel in too early. If that describes you, don’t! I promise you with all my heart, it is worth it. It is an incredible book and will take you on such a journey!

I’m off to add Convicted to my list of ‘Can’t Wait Fors’ of 2013 and Truth to my favourites shelf!

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  1. Maggie says:

    OMG…what an awesone book and what amazing storyteller Ms. Romig is….CAN’T WAIT FOR CONVICTED!!! And PLEASE, PLEASE make this movie triology!!!!

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