Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell ✰✰✰


Mixed martial arts fighter Reid Andrews’s chance to reclaim his title as light heavyweight champ is shattered when he’s injured only months before the rematch. To make sure he’s healed in time, his trainer sends him to recuperate under a professional’s care—Reid’s best friend’s little sister, all grown up.

Disorganized and bookish Lucie Miller needs some professional help of her own. She’d do anything to catch the eye of a doctor she’s crushed on for years, so when Reid offers seduction lessons in exchange for 24/7 conditioning for the biggest fight of his career, Lucie jumps at the chance.

Soon Reid finds him himself in the fight of his life…winning Lucie’s heart before she gives it to someone else.

My Casting

Very cute, super steamy, corny but lovable, easy read. That just about sums it up I think.

Reid and Lucie are very likable, inoffensive characters and the plot is simple, light on angst and tension, a little predictable but sweet.

The sex scenes were hot!! Seriously hot! Reid is a professional fighter, sexy, hench, yet he has a softer side, is a closet sculptor and a master at seduction… obviously. He would be wouldn’t he?!

Lucie is a geeky, chaotic bookworm with a stunning, sensual sex Goddess hidden beneath her dull exterior… yeh, I know, it’s predictable but you’ve gotta love it.

“Maybe the best way to teach you how to seduce, is to let you feel what it’s like to be seduced.”

So naturally, the super sexy master of seduction reconnects with the goofy girl from his childhood and ugly duckling inevitably turns into a swan. And in teaching her to become said swan, Mr. Fighter Man falls for the girl! Oooobviously.

“Since when has my heart been with you? Quite possibly from the first time I heard you snort. Very probably when you flirted with our waiter. Almost certainly the first time you fell asleep in my arms. And more definitely the night we made love.”

The characters could have done with a little more depth. It would have been nice to meet Lucie’s brother, seeing as he clearly a huge part of both of their lives and I would have liked to have known his reaction to the eventual relationship. It would also have been good to read more about Vanessa, Eric, Stephen, etc. I liked Vanessa, she had a great sense of humour and I’d have liked to read more of her.

“Yeah, okay. We’ve…”
“Screwed like rabbits?”
“Been intimate. And it was…”
“Phenomenal, out of this world, good enough to make you instantly bend over and grab your ankles every time he looks at you?”
“That was a little over the top, even for you, Nessie.”
“Sorry, I got carried away. Continue.”

The book was very step-by-step typical romance. There was no real sub plots, very little background, minimal emotion and as I mentioned, hardly any depth to the characters. I wasn’t addicted, I did manage to put it down and do other things and it didn’t occupy my dreams like a lot of books seem to when I put them down to sleep.

But it was easy, emotionally undemanding and very steamy! If that’s what you’re after, give it a go.

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