From Rags by Suzanne Wright ✰✰✰


There has only been three people in Jaxxon Carter’s life who truly mattered to her. Her mum, who committed suicide. Her sister, who she hasn’t seen since her teens. And Connor McKenzie, who disappeared from her life the same day he left their foster home. The hardest part of that was that he never completely left her life because she was forever seeing him on T.V. or in magazines as a Formula One Driver. But Jaxxon refuses to live a ‘woe is me’ life, even in spite of living alone in her one-roomed flat and being expected to survive on a ridiculously low income. Then one night she is offered a modelling job and before she knows it she has been catapulted to the peak of success, gaining fame, fortune and security. Oh and a stalker. 

Connor McKenzie is busy trying to shake off his crazy ex-girlfriend – another woman who thought she could get around his no marriage rule – when he sees Jaxxon on the cover of a magazine. Remembering how close they had once been, he’s shocked when she doesn’t respond to his attempts to contact her and then acts indifferently to him when they meet. But Connor can’t let it go. The only reason he had kept his hands off her ten years ago was that she had been younger than him. Now that they’re adults, he isn’t prepared to allow anything – not even Jaxxon – to stop him from having her. 

Warning: This novel contains a bitchy female who curses like a sailor, a persistent alpha male who doesn’t understand the word ‘no’, and explicit hot sex in some very public places.


Mmmm… how to go about review From Rags? I always feel bad rating less than four stars but… I don’t know whether it was my state of mind, the fact I read this after reading a book I couldn’t shift from my mind or the fact that this just didn’t hit the spot… but I found it hard to connect with this book.

It was ok, and I didn’t feel the need to throw in the towel at any point, but I wasn’t chomping at the bit to get to it when real life got in the way and I did get distracted a lot whilst reading it.

The author wrote a lot about Jaxxon not being a snob but in actuality, I found her abruptness to be nothing short of rude and, in fact, smacking of inverted snobbery. I felt she was still a snob, just of a different kind.

Even bitches can get a break in life.

I felt that the characters were quite one dimensional, despite some quite heavy issues in their past. I didn’t feel their emotion or empathise with them on any level. I felt like I was an onlooker, rather than being drawn in and feeling as though I was living within the story.

Connor was a racing driver, yet we hardly saw any evidence of this, except for the odd reference of him quelling his frustrations through training. He was pretty damn gorgeous though.

The good Lord had been having a very creative day when he made Connor McKenzie

I did like the idea behind the book, the sex is hot and some of dialogue did make me giggle.

“For God’s sake, Connor, will you leave my fucking belly button the fuck alone and either move up a fucking bit or down a fucking bit!”

I don’t really have an awful lot more to say… the book was ok, but it didn’t rock my world and it wouldn’t be at the top of my list of recommendations, but it was readable.


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