Damaged Goods by Lauren Gallagher ✰✰✰✰✰

Jocelyn Rhodes is a single mother with a demanding career and a long-neglected libido. Frustrated with the dating scene and way overdue for some satisfying sex, she takes a friend’s advice and hires Sabian, a deliciously sexy escort. He’s well worth the money, and the sheets haven’t even cooled off before she’s ready to call him again.

The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes she and Sabian have more in common than she thought. She’s a single mom, he’s a prostitute, and when it comes to dating, they’re both damaged goods. To most potential mates, Jocelyn and Sabian are in a category akin to dented soup cans, but if the two of them can look past each other’s respective dents, they just might find something they’ve both been missing.

But even if they do find that something, how on earth can she make a relationship work with a man who sleeps with other women for a living?

My Casting

Wow wow wow! Damaged Goods was SO much better than I’d expected! It was emotional, sensitive, romantic, steamy… I literally devoured it in about three hours flat. Everything about this book was screaming at me that it wasn’t going to work, that it was going to be tasteless and unbelievable… the male prostitute and the single Mom… how can that possibly be right?! But God was I wrong!

“I’ll give you some credit,” he said with a sneer. “You don’t look like a prostitute.”
Austin shrugged. “I don’t usually wear the fishnets and garish makeup on my day off.”

If I could give this 6 stars I would and it would go up in my favourites with the likes of Thoughtless, Effortless, Love Unrehearsed, etc.  Trust me when I say it is definitely worth the read. It is so tastefully written and you will fall utterly in love with both of the characters!

The plot was Gripping! It shouldn’t work but it absolutely does, and more! I couldn’t put this down once I’d started it.

I adored both Austin and Jocelyn. They were just gorgeous! Flawed, real, emotional… perfect! And their relationship was beautiful.

“You’ve paid to have Sabian tonight.” His voice shook as badly as his fingers.
“And I think I got my money’s worth.” I pulled back enough to look him in the eye. “He introduced me to Austin.”

The sex is off the scale! Amazingly steamy! And in droves! Lauren Gallagher has a real talent for writing a steamy but tasteful sex scene so if you like your books Hot, with a capital ‘H’, this one’s for you.

I craved sheet-mangling, shoulder-clawing, headboard-pounding fucking.

The only negative I can pull out from this genius book was that it drove me a little insane, putting up with ‘Sabian’s’ occupational hazards, so clearly I could never be the girlfriend of a male prostitute. But that really is the only negative.

All rounded off with a happy ending and a swoon-worthy epilogue! *contended sigh*

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    He’s brasilian acctor Henri castelli

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